#4 of a To Do List for Arnie Duncan and President Obama

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#4 – Listen to research!  (“What greater or better gift can we offer the republic than to teach and instruct our youth?” Cicero)

Yes, not some recent “pie in the sky” reworded catch phrase used to justify a publisher’s big-money marketing scheme, an attempt to convince us that we need to reinvent the wheel, but research, pure research.  Pay attention to what really works and do it. 

Explain to the American people why reading scores have slowly climbed over 35 years barely identifying any major growth in our children’s scores. (this was reported by the NEA in January’s issue) with an ever-present disparity between white children and black.  That no matter how many millions of dollars pumped into the system, it is still not making a significant difference.

Take a good long list at the reality of education in the United States.  Explain to a teacher and a student in the outlying areas away from Urban centers why they have poor schools, why their teachers qualify for food stamps. Explain the disparity in education delivery.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  If other countries are out educating us, then we need to look into their systems, culture, and honestly identify why.  As far as reading scores go, let’s teach our children the English language, and approach each and every child as ENL’s, or ELL, or ESL, depending upon where you stand in your understanding of what it is.

More tomorrow regarding, Education and Socialism…it really isn’t anything new!  Oh, and if you want to end economic disparity, then end educational disparity!  An Educated Society is a Strong society, or look at it this way

Ask me my three priorities for Government, and I tell you: education, education and education.
Tony Blair


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