#3 of a To Do List for Arnie Duncan and President Obama

In Uncategorized on January 16, 2009 at 8:53 pm

#3 Change what it means to be qualified by answering what does it mean to be qualified? 

This is a good question and one that you will be faced with in the coming years.  You will be expected to identify that both of you are indeed qualified to lead.  You will be placed under extreme pressure, as you are both relatively inexperienced in your field of work, that is specifically where you are now.  Again, I use this to underscore the ridiculous climate that we are living in at present.

Many educators are experienced, veterans, and yet they are unable to apply their experienc in a school setting, all based on “endorsements” on a piece of paper handed out by the State that they teach in, or hope to teach in. Many of take positions as long-term “guest teachers” (a polite way of saying sub)

Just recently, President Obama (may I be so bold as to claim you as President prior to being sworn in?) your Chief of Staff named a 27 year old woman with a BA and limited experience at any one position to a high ranking position as personal secretary to the President.  Now, I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will live up to the expectations, as outlined by a job description.  However, if the position required her to be endorsed in the area of “Secretary to the President” she would not be.  If the position had been posted on CareerBuilder, an expectation such as minimum and continuous 5 years in a similar position. (based on this, her resume would have been rejected by spiders that are placed to limit the number of applicants)

So my point is this;  Change the way in which teachers are endorsed.  Mandate that all educators be well balanced in education. Demand that they pass the required basic certification (it has not even been mandatory for more that two decades) and then let the Principals and local governing bodies do as your Chief of Staff did when choosing Katie Johnson

I do believe that this will in fact eliminate the excessive amount of spending in solving a teacher shortage that does not really exist, it may even renew the concept that teaching is an Art.  More ponderings on that tomorrow. Like, if education is big business, then why not approach it as such?


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